Erin Calmes Keta Films Producer/DP for the Emmy nominated “Whale Wars” S6 in Antarctica for Animal Planet on Discovery Channel. Calmes was on aboard the Steve Irwin with Sea Shepherd and Captain Paul Watson and was part of a team that saved 932 whales.


Interview by The Challenger Blog of Ms Erin Calmes

"I believe that we can all experience the love of which I told above - the love arising from conflict, war or loss. I believe that we can change. Here and now."

The United States Embassy in Moscow Russia has official invited Producer, Director, Activist, Photographer and Host Ms. Erin N. Calmes to Key Note, Presenter along side the Eco-Cup Film Festival in Moscow Russia and The US Film Festival in Samara, Russia Feb 19- March 7, 2017.

“It’s a distinctively historic time, for Russia and US so I am honored to have the support of the US Embassy in Moscow to engage this audience and culture.”

Ms. Calmes will lead a three-day lecture series focused on creating successful conservation/direct action film/media campaigns to a select group of conservative community leaders.

"Nature Crimes" is a series of Original True Stories From The Front Lines Depicting Humanities Impact On Nature. Behind the scenes with Producer Director, Photographer, Activist Erin Calmes. Currently partnered with Gloria Morrison and Tony Eldridge

Erin Calmes Keta Films Producer/DP for the Emmy nominated “Whale Wars” Season 6 2013. Interviewing Captain Paul Watson on his work protecting the worlds oceans while underway in the Ross Sea. "Operation Zero Tolerance" prevented 932 whales from being killed. Over 100 whales were killed this season in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Watch for "Whale Wars" on Discovery Channel in December 2013. Much more to come.

William Shatner Stars in an Erin Calmes Keta Films and environmental project "The Whale Shark Hunters Starring William Shatner" for National Geographic International. The making of this film led to a direct presidential ban on the killing of whale sharks and manta rays in the Philippines, Honduras and Mexico. Erin Calmes is now in pre-production for "Draw Happy". An investigative visual account of the underground shark and endangered species markets.

Monster Army Recon Tour, By Erin Calmes Keta Films is an intelligence gathering mission to find the best up and coming athletes in the nation. Music by Pennywise.

"Bro Hymn" lyrics are about the death of bassist Jason Thirsk's friends Tim Colvin, Carlos Canton who died in a car accident, and Tom Nichols who drowned at Hermosa Beach Pier in 1988.

Jason Thirsk, Pennywise, was a childhood friend of Erin Calmes growing up in Park City, Utah

Keta Films supports Sea Shepherd.

Sea Shepherd's Campaigns include:

Whale Wars

Blue Rage

Cove Guardians

Operation Gulf Rescue

Defending Seals Sharks and Galapagos


Go here to get involved:

Erin Calmes wins at the Hampton's Wild Life Film Festival with her film The Whale Shark Hunters Starring William Shatner. A project and film series sold to National Geographic International. Her Whale Shark project led to a direct presidential ban on killing whale sharks and manta rays in the Philippines. Like Love Whale Sharks on Facebook.

Keta Films Erin Calmes produced the Travel Channel's  "Sand Masters" in an episode of at the Lord of The Wind Showdown in Baja, Mexico.

Erin Calmes is the Executive producer and director of content, marketing and strategic partnerships for the second year at this event. Calmes worked as the Production Manager for Painless Entertainment to produce an Episode of "Sand Masters" for the Travel Channel.

Lord of The Wind Showdown. No Envy. Who's it Gonna be? 

Erin Calmes created and produced the marketing campaign, digital, visual and media distribution strategy and produced video and stills with a live stream for the event. video here.

Erin Calmes created produced content for Rebootizer

Photo of Kris Kinn, Team Rider for Best Kiteboarding and Rebootizer by Erin Calmes

Puerto Rico Pro Athlete Tour: Keta produced and shot with host Juan Carlos, Kirs Kinn, Shannon Best, Jeremie Tronet, Jon McCabe and Melissa Gil  7 day tour in PR. Kited some amazing locations, where few have been before. On Palomino Is. Our crew met the Reef Calendar photo shoot. An unforgettable morning. Check out

Billabong BVI Kite JamExecutive Producer and Director of Content Erin Calmes for the Billabong BVI Jam. Erin Calmes with Sir Richard Branson, Chris Ernst, at Cow Wreck Beach during the freestyle kite comp.

Chris Ernst, Susi Mai and Erin Calmes shooting from "Fly The Whale" in the BVI over Anegada.

Bilabong BVI KIte Jam. Youri Zoon and Kris Kinn win the pros. Erin Calmes Keta Films produces and distributes content to over 50 magazines, video channels and platforms.

Photo: Davey Blair, team rider for Rebootizer the official detox drink of the Billabong BVI Kite

Go Green BVI  is about collaborating like-minded peeps to find solutions for alternative energy and much more in the British Virgin Islands. Grammy Winning Joss Stone, Iyaz, Jah Cure, MBJ and many amazing local artist rocked their support at the 1st annual Go Green Festival.

The Ricky Carmichael Lounge
Full coverage of king pin Ricky Carmichael winning Spring Creek for his 150th victory retiring his bike for a stock car. also up
Trophy Trucks and
. Photos by Erin N. Calmes.

William Shatner Stars in an Erin Calmes Keta Films production airing on National  Geographic International, The Whale Shark Hunters.

William Shatner swims with sharks and stars in the film that led to a world-wide ban on the killing of whale sharks for their fins.

Where is “Nacho” the Whale Shark?
Keta Films is searching for “Nacho” and "Monika" the whale sharks as part of The Shark Project, sponsored by Keta Films. Documenting, tagging and ID'ing whale sharks. Get active. Clean up your surf break. Convert your car to electric. Host a sailboat adventure to stop poachers.

Whale Shark Expedition scheduled for October 2014 and the Caribbean 2014.

New Media Culture Created for youth action sport athletes surf, skate, wheels, snow.

Independent Shark Researchers
Keta Films is committed to ocean maintenance, shark education and preservation. You too can assist with shark research by submitting your photographs and sighting information to Whale Shark.Org

School Girls Promo
Learn to Kiteboard with a hot, vintage project highlighting the sickest moves with female athletes. Starring Julie Gilbert and Bri Chmel. Created and Produced by Keta Films








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